Uggage. This is of no real general interest, but does deserve to be documented somewhere.

Having struggled for some time to come up with an explanation of this strange clan, and failed. Just think of us as (the American sit-com thingy), but without the esthetic appeal.

The grease bikes

I'll start with my understanding of the derivation of the term.

MNS the GreaserOnce upon a time, in fact in 1972, E.A.R.S. owned two magnificent grease bikes (Honda 50's). These seemed to mostly get used for collecting fish n'chips, from the shop just across the river in Guildford (John Harts' ?). This shop was also frequented by the local chapter of Hells Angels or some such, who invariably engaged in some witty banter about our wheels. These gentlemen were referred to as the "Thugly Uggs".

It was most likely Sir Martin (Sweeting) who transferred the term, so then we were known as the Uggage.

I am going to suggest October 73 as being the time of the definitive lineup and the following rogues gallery is based on this. At this time I believe that the term had yet to be expanded to include the female contingent.

Well here we are:

Uggage (In order of year)

The 50p lecturerThe Thrise AcursedNow in old folks homeIt's my web site. I write the captionsFrom Mud-ut landNow running Crossroads

The YL's

Fluffy BunnyI speak to you later

Uggage re-union at the REFreshers Fair. June 2000

Proto-Uggage 1971
A photo from Uggage pre-history. Taken in the 3rd floor bar and featuring:
CF1, Kev, Fred, MNS, Smiler & Big Col


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