This House

The following is a fine example of a report on a weeks General Meeting, as printed in Bare Facts. It's dated 3rd July 1974.
The mistakes are not my OCR (which did a surprisingly good job), they are the original typos. Remember they were typed on a stencil, which is very difficult to correct and the typist was drunk.


This House 3/7/74

Began with Your Pressie galloping through Union Affairs at a most unusual (for him) rate of knots, so's to leave time for all the other things -and it must have worked, because we got to Any Other Business again.

There was a report from the Coffee Bar Manager (who wasn't there) about how it should be run in the future, which was passed, so you should have a coffee bar.

..There were elections (art election) for Printing Manager - Tom P. (who wasn't there) was ratified after Chairman Trev. had read his speech for him.

Then Pressie lain proposed the Compleat Rent Fund Constitution which was accepted - all in double-quick time, and there was a constitutional amendment passed about summing up speeches and one thrown out about societies charging membership fees -the House was in favour of maintaining the status quo.

Oh, I forgot under the Rent Fund thingy we had to elect 4 treasurers, so Steve P., Mary P. (a different P) , Don Hoyle (who walked in just in time to hear himself nominated) and June S. (who wasn't there) were nominated and duly ratified .Well then at last (I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy against it) we got around to discussing General Studies. Don introduced the motion from Educ. Cttee. and allayed everyone's fears about assessment, proscriptions and all the other emotive issues, and the motion was passed overwhelmingly (which means we are in favour of the idea of O.S. but want it very much improved).

Now something else (how could I have forgotten? Well it's not my fault, I wasn't even taking minutes this time) which happened around the Rent Fund time or thereabouts, strains of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" rang out

and a dark-haired, moustached, black-coated gentleman with right arm raised (bearing a strong resemblance to a certain ex-dictator and a slight resemblance to a certain ex-printing manager) appeared at the back of the GM, and acknowledged the applause of the House.

Anyway, we had more of Don proposing nursery facilities for everyone at the , university, which the House approved of, too.

So, having disposed of the minor formalities, the House got down to the serious business of discussing the Heslop vs Pressie motion. This was proposed by Barry S. who displayed unsuspected oratory ability and managed to get in a dig as almost everybody you've ever heard of in the process. There were a few amendments, and Heslop himself(another bit I forgot -who had resigned as member for Health Committee .at the beginning, of today's meeting, which meant everything had to be slightly changed to account for him being ex-whatever) ...anyway, Heslop himself opposed (? ) the motion and amended it so as to give the Pressie a day and a half's holiday out of 365

And we got to A.O.B. and about four people left theatre D and hundreds more had been pouring in throughout the G. M. and they all stayed and got educated

And nobody told Sue we were printing tonight, so she couldn't do This House, so they press-ganged me into it again, which is why it's so chaotic, and it's both of our's, last one ever. ..sniff, sniff >

But we do have a message from Sue:

II Just to say THANK YOU, all, students and staff, for the lovely radio you've given me, and the beautiful flowers and the card. But most of all for the amazing seven-odd years here -all the fun, all the traumas; but especially the friends: lots of love, thanks and best wishes for the future. ~{ ..-~-r:~

-(, =