CHARACTERS FROM the electronics industry peppered the New Year's Honours list with Robin Saxby, chairman of ARM, knighted for services to the information technology industry.

Saxby became chief executive of ARM when it was founded in 1990, and led it into the FTSE 100 in 2000. The company has singlehandedly made the UK a major force in the worldwide microprocessor industry.

Professor Martin Sweeting, CEO of Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), is now also 'Sir', after being knighted for services to microsatellite engineering.

Sweeting pioneered the concept of low cost spacecraft engineering when he lead a team of researchers at the University of Surrey in the design and construction of Britain's first microsatellite (UoSAT-1) launched in 1981. Since then, his organisation has launched 19 other microsats in 20 years and the SSTL's order book currently stands at over £30m.

Early MNS

Sir MNS, who would have thought it?
Well actually, almost everybody who knew him, from the distant days of the early 70's.

This would be an excellent opportunity to drag up a few ancient and embarrassing stories about the "50p lecturer".
However here we have a man who's been given a knighthood for engineering and respect must be shown. (Well some.)
So now let's look out for Martin and Christine in OK magazine.


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