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A force for all that was good and right

Security Staff

Did Security ever do anything apart from clamp cars?
Did they ever have a finest hour?
Did they ever rush across campus to save some helpless maiden from a dastardly villain?

Maybe I am being a bit cynical, as tales of their daring exploits have arrived.
(Remember that it's actions like these, that become legends and so can be exaggerated as they are passed from one generation to the next. We are merely passing on the stories we have heard. Some of them are so incredible, they must be myths.)

1) Those who recall the daring Nat West Bank Job in 86/87 when security were nowhere to be seen may like to be reassured about some of their otherwise heroic actions.

For example, I was using the campus laundry one evening when they stormed in, SAS style, and tried to eject a contract worker who was "doing his smalls". Apparently only staff and students are allowed to use this particular campus facility.
Such was their courage under pressure that they called in the local Surrey Constabulary to assist, presumably if things got ugly. The real boys in blue quickly decided that they did not want to get involved in an internal matter and departed leaving our heroes to negotiate alone with this desperado. They bravely agreed to allow the villain to complete the spin cycle before running him out of town, confident that preventing the arch criminal from using the tumble drier was a stunning victory over the forces of evil.
For someone who remembers the snooker being interrupted for the Iranian Embassy siege this was a chilling deja vu! Keep up the good work boys! (Steve Christie)

2) One of the chest freezers in a Surrey Court KUB (well, actually it was ours, officer) was raided in the middle of the night circa 1990 (bloody hell, that's a whole decade ago!).
The gang made their getaway using a supermarket trolley.
Security said that they *had* seen a group of students pushing a trolley laden with frozen food around campus at 3am, but "didn't think it was suspicious"
Of course, this was back in those innocent times when we never bothered to lock the floor doors at night. (Pete Hindmarch)

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