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Rent strike

The Rent Strike (72-73). From the "Guildford Times & Advertiser" 21st March 1973. Lots of fun was had occupying the top two floors of Senate House. Including a concert by the mightily unimpressed Gordon Giltrap. I seem to remember the whole event lasting about a week and everybody getting into surprisingly little trouble over it (ie none).


This was some sort of general purpose meeting in early 1974. Mostly about the size of fifth court (?) room sizes, and a grant protest.

From the UoSGrads mailing list, on the subject of big demo's in London:

I went on some big demo's
As I recall, someone would organise a coach to go up to anti-Thatcher rallies when she was in ed and pinching the school milk..before she became PM. Then all of the political groups and their entire memberships would climb onboard
(International Socialists 2, International Marxists 1, Socialists Workers Group 3, Communists 1, Anarchists 1 Anarcho-pacifists 1 Anarcho-sydicalists 1...Students who wanted to pop home to mum with some laundry or do some shopping in town 55)

The bus would park up on the South Bank somwhere and then the real fun would start. All those going shopping would dissapear and all those taking part would head for the front of the demo.
The press and cameras would always focus on the front so the socialists etc would unfurl their banners and try to compete with all the other socialist groups to get into the limelight.

The anarchists would cheat by catching the tube to Trafalgar Square or Hyde Park and then leap out in front at the last minute!

Then everyone went home to watch it on TV in the common room.
David Channon

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