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Miss Weatherwax

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Relevant, irrelevant and fun
Mrs Edwards
Viv Ehmler (Edwards)
Home Economics 1974-78
It's me
It's a photo of me.
(This should be the most easily recognisable pose.)

Colin Edwards
Elec. Eng. 1971-75
There's a time and place for everything. It's called university.
Eric Cartman

There's No Place Like

It could have all turned out differently, I suppose; but it didn't.
Jane Austen*
(* Actually it's from the screenplay of Mansfield Park and is a loose precis of a paragraph from the book)

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I'm trying to expand this site as much as possible.
It started out with just my photo's and contributions from people that I am still in contact with. I would like to gather material from a much wider circle, so please send me anything you have and mention this site to any old UoS lags that you know.

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