Peter Rogers Photo 00

Claims to fame:
Inventor of the Traffic Light Cocktail (pictured) Only known person to meet future wife due to skill at flaunting cocktails.
Occasional bar supervisor at the Students Union 1975-1978
Untrue Claim to Fame: Falsely accused of stealing the Guinness Clock form the SU Bar (I think it was JF...)

Peter Rogers Photo 30Peter Rogers Photo 31
Party held at Barry Ayres (Civ Eng) flat in Putney the year after he left Surrey (around 1977).
L-R in 31.jpg Karel Hoffmann, Nick Hampton, Brenda Birmingham and Peter Rogers

The Withies Inn at Compton, vacation employer to various H&C students.
These were taken in 1978, when I was working there with Hugh (can't remember his surname)
Peter Rogers Photo 32
Peter Rogers Photo 33

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