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Other Peoples Snaps

Collections of photographs, taken by other people
Pretty girl Bob Slater (Elec. Eng. 71-75)
Loads of photos, mostly of the campus
Elizabeth Hughes (Chemistry with French 73-77)
Free Festival, Graduation & Campus
Penny Harris (LIS 95-99)
Mud Wrestling & Rag '71
Ann Fryer (Maths 71-74)
3rd Court, Manor House & Map
Frank Strange (Mech. Eng. 73-77)
Iolanthe, People & Buildings
Peter Rogers (Civ. Eng. 74-78)
Curved Air & Cocktails
Nigel Mander (Biochem. 70-74)
Campus & ITV filming
Martin Morley (Mech. Eng. 73-76)
Morris, Orlando
Graham Dupree (L&RS 72-78)
People & Places
Alan (Fred) Pipes(Physics 65-68)
Free Festival
Steve Maynard (Chemistry with Economics 72 -76)
Charter Ball, Manor House & more

One Off's NEW Miscellaneous contributions
NEW Articles from Spring 2003 issues. Written by Alumni who graduated between 1956 & 1976. Click Here

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