Mud Wrestling

Russell Davies (H&C) explains:
mud wrestling #1This was just before rag week in the Autumn of 1976 (our second year). Robin Sieger (Human Biology) was on the Rag Committee and he stormed out of one of their planning meetings saying "I'll get you the front page of the Surrey Daily Ad" - and promptly did so. You should call the Surrey Daily Ad (or whatever they are now) for their archive photos - Autumn 1976 I think, about a week before Rag Week.

There were seven of us, all in our second year:
Russell Davies (H&C)
Robin Sieger (Human Biology)
Jim Hammond (Human Biology) - he actually won
David Slater (ESS)
Chris Braithwaite (Civil Engineering)
Martin Jennings (Human Biology)
Kevin Blunt (can't remember)
mud wrestling #2
Photo 1: I can't honestly recognize all those in this photo but I do know that the one lying down looking towards the camera is me - what you can't see so well is that I'm actually lying on top of Robin, stuffing his face down in the crap. The ref, in the bow tie, was Andy Turner (H&C a year ahead of us, so he would probably been have been on his year out at this time)

Photo 2: This is Jim Hammond receiving his trophy.

Photo 3 & 4: No clue
mud wrestling #4mud wrestling #5

As an aside, a year or so later I actually wrote a letter to the Victor comic, to Alf Tupper's page, pretending this event had actually taken place when I was younger at home. The letter was selected as "Star Letter" of the week, with Alf saying "Bloomin' ada, Russell, you must be mud as a hatter". A very proud moment in my life!

As another aside, Search Engines just love this page, but I suspect this is not what they a searching for. Colin

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