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Sunday 2nd June 1974 - Down by the river in Guildford

19th Birthday party
for Jane (Bywaters) and Sue (Wadsworth)


CheryllIt is difficult to talk when confronted with this sort of thingSueSeems like a nice girlAnn & Alexander

I'm in this one
This photo by Bob Slater

Invite to Cherylls partyCheryll

Saturday 23rd March 1974
Cheryll (Howells) 21st Birthday (Pyjama) Party

This page is password protected. Because while some of us couldn't care less who sees these photo's, others have grown up.
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Tarty Jane

Some time in May 1974
House 31 Tarts 'n' Vicars

I don't think we'll be having any pictures of this one, but it set me thinking.
How about a top ten, of ways that you knew you had been to a great student party :
( And if there are any children reading this, none of these things are big or clever.)

1 You wake up somewhere that you don't recognise. Bruce (the Moose)
2 You feel that it might be a good idea to get a tetanus booster injection. Cret
3 Half of the traffic cones/road signs of the town are for some reason lying at the end of your bed yet you have no memory of how they or for that matter you got there. Naya
4 You wake up to find the parrot has moved into your mouth, and your eyes look ( and feel ) like poached marbles. Boris
5 When you go to the KUB for breakfast everyone else is having tea. Chug
6 You've got a lot of apologising to do. Features
7 You're freezing, it's 5 am and it's a long way back from the lake Jamie
8 You're in a supermarket trolley, heading downhill past the Union. Robin
9 All the nurses in sick bay say 'Hi' from then on, every time they see you. Steve
10 You have unexplained bruising. Cheryl(l)

I need some more suggestions. Preferably based on experience.
Pseudonym : . It must have been a great party because :

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