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GE great OFU logoThe Oscar Film Unit

OFU showed a recent feature film, every week in Lecture Theatre D, which I believe sat about 320. There were four screenings, two on Sunday evening and two on Monday evening. The films were hired in 16mm format, we spliced them together onto a single reel and they were projected using one of two full size Xenon arc cinema projectors.
In 1974 the charge for a season ticket was £1 (for 10 films)

Boy with.... Poster

The Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head

Did you know that OFU also made films?
Robert Lenk should take most of the blame. The frames below were taken from a deeply moving interruption of the Cat Stevens song.
Click here to watch the film (CD only. Requires MPG2 viewer).

Poster scanned by
Elizabeth Hughes
Chemistry with French  1973-77

In the first three frames Melanie (Steyne) and Taff, are featured as the slapper in the wood and Taff.
Total embarrassment

Tom Poole (again!) -Maciej (Pulaczewski) & Elizabeth (Roberts) - Mark (Chilton)

and "Enter the Newt"
{short description of image}

jim 893 OFU committee meeting
some time in 1974
Hilary Cole, Ned Rew & Barry Stone. (jim's feet)

Gail - Who designed the OFU logo
GE great OFU logo

ofu programme

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