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Who Are These People?
Most of these people I do remember, but the details are vague. Can you help me?
If you can, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.
Yes, I know it's Oz, but we need to know more. Taken Blackwater 3, some time '71 to '73.
Taken at a PEMS lecture in 1971 by Bob Slater
Is it Prof. Daphne 'two sheds' Jackson?

With apologies to those who I should have recognised straight away.
Please feel free to add and correct.
 It's Stag Hill Morris' Witch (1973?), but that's all I know.
We think she's called Chris.
I was collared by her in the late night coffee bar and took some photo's that can be found all over this site, but don't remember seeing her again. Maybe she looks different, when she's had a scrub.

Found,Johnny Glover says : She was called Christine Mills. Came from East Grinstead
Who is No 7 I know that I should know, but I don't.

Found,Now I've been told, it's obviously the lovely Mary Parsons. My excuse is that I didn't recognise her without the fringe and it's a very bad photo. There is another photo on this site, that I recognised at once and named correctly.
Who is number 8 I can't remember who these two are, but they are in a sequence of photos, I took of a large group in the Lecture Theatre late night coffee bar. Probably late 1973. Everybody else in the sequence I know (Fran, MNS, Fred, Jane, Cheryll and myself).

Found,These are Guitty (Human Biology 77) and Frank Bonner (Biochemistry 77). Dave Sciberras Human Biology 77
I know this was taken on 8th June 1974, but that's all.

Somebody said she's called Jo.
Found, It's Jo Whitehead (Nutrition '77) ( Says Norma Luetchford Biochem.1976)
Bare Facts Girl This is Alison Smith. She started in 72 and I think did biochem. Says Martin Hewitt
I still have no idea when or where this was taken.
Cheryl in1974 Cheryl. The girl on top of the UoS sign.
Found, but not contacted yet.
Having actually found her, I don't know exactly how to approach her. Maybe I'll just wait for her to find this.
Folk Who I'm fairly sure it's Mary, but can't remember any more. I think that in 73-74 she lived in a strange flat in Battersea Court, with three other girls including Rowena. (The flat had two bedrooms, a bathroom and a half size KUB.)

Found,it's Mary Price (Human Bio. 76) Martin Hewitt (Human Bio. 76)
I married Mary Price and we now have three wonderful daughters Keith Morris (Chem. Eng. 75)

Scotish HelenMole 3 1974-5. I'm still in contact with Scottish Helen (photo right), but whatever happened to Welsh Helen?

Found,It's Helen Jones LRS 78. John Richardson (LRS 1978)
and she's featured here.

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