The slogan for Rag 74 was

I took part in the Rag Procession in 73, and while I enjoyed it, I felt disappointed that it had not been motorised, due to the pedestrianisation of the High Street at weekends.

As a result I found myself organising the Rag Procession, which had to be held on Friday so as to be able to use the High Street.

We managed to obtain a fair number of vehicles, and the procession went off fairly well. A few flour bombs were thrown which upset the police a little.
I don't think it helped when I went to speak to the officer in charge of the procession covered in flour myself!

The Rag Committe.

The digger happened to be outside the union when we needed a back drop. Clear evidence of building activity in '74.

Editor's introduction and a small sample of the contents :

< What happened in the week.

A few memories of the week:

One of the challenges in the initiative race was to bring in a pack of cigarettes without the government health warning. Such packs were apparently only available in the Channel Islands!

Tom Hitchings and I with a girl from Guildford Tech, we hadn't previously met, took part in the 3 legged beer race. The course was completed, but well down the field.
Being totally exhausted by the Saturday evening!

The route of the procession, and a reminder of the layout of Guildford. >

What it was all for. The charities

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