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Poster for a tour on Mayday 76 The band Rampant Stags involved UoS people. I suspect that Simon Diegan was a major part of the band.

This picture was taken on the tour advertised on the above poster.

From the left: Chris (a first year in 75 /76), Andrew Jones, Les ??, Simon Brooke-Taylor ??? with back to camera, Myself in fools kit, Mike Jones, The others to the right are not recognised

Poster for a fete that the side did.

The photos on this sheet were taken at The Ram Cider House, down at Goldalming. The sheet was produced as a 'flyer' for a trip to Sweden that was being planned.

The sheets were printed off in the Union which accounts for the strong contrast. Line up photo, bottom right corner: Fiddler: not known, Les, Not Known, Alison Hayes, Not Known, Not Known, Mike Jones, Myself, Simon Diegan.

In the other photographs it looks like we are doing an Adderbury stick dance. The trip to Sweden took place that summer, although I didn't go, in the Union minibus.
I believe that a furore over the use of the minibus on the trip cost Simon Diegan the post of President of the Union. I'm welcome to be corrected on this if anybody has fuller details.

What happened after I left?

I know that the side was still going in the early 80's. I met with a couple of members of Stag Hill Morris when I went to a weekend of dance hosted by the "townie" sides in the area, Pilgrim Morris, in Guildford, and Cup Hill Morris at Godalming.
Steve Marsh a former member of Stag Hill Morris had stayed in the area after he graduated and was dancing with Pilgrim Morris. I met Graham Cox, at a weekend dance meeting, in 2000. He was dancing with Cambridge Morris.

Can anybody else continue the story?

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