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Cutting from Bare Facts for a Pub Tour; beer and the Morris have always had a close relationship!

If I remember correctly a guy from the Folk Club was persuaded to join us, and he sang The Nutting Girl song as an intro to the Ladies jig of the same name.

Stag Hill Morris got up at dawn to dance in the May, in 1975, as was tradition. It was cold and grey up by the Cathedral. We didn't stay long, in part because the music was provided by a flautist, Mike ???, and his lip froze to his flute.

As Elizabeth Hugh's photographs show we danced at the Free Festival. Others that I think are in the side are Mike Jones, Andrew Jones, Les ???. The music was provided by a guy from the Town, Graham Tilley, who often helped the side out when we did not have a musician, which was a problem at times.

The men's side remained strong in 75 / 76 and the Ladies recruited enough new members to get a full side. Names I remember are Nicky Sowell and Stephanie Curtis. Simon Diegan managed to get the Union to buy a Melodeon (type of accordion) for the side, to help overcome the music problems. Simon learnt to play this, and I managed to work out my first tune on it as well before leaving.

Cutting from Bare Facts showing that Stag Hill Morris had increased its repertoire to include a Mummers Play, and a few figures of Longsword Dancing.

I remember little about the Mummers Play other than Simon Diegan found it in a book and that Carol Ashton and I had some lines which I later found out were very similar to the song "Come Write Me Down" by the Coppers, which is unusual for a mummers play

Longsword Dance in action.

Clockwise from myself in centre: Carol Ashton, Andrew Jones, Mike Jones, Mog ??, Can't see, might be Steve Marsh. Mary Parsons is in the pink jacket in audience to left.

I think that the photo was taken in Newbury on a trip organised for Simon Diegan's birthday.

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