Martin Morley Mechanical Engineering '73 to '76
Having done my industrial year before I went to UoS, I did my 3 years with out the usual break. I spent all 3 years on site in Third / Stag Hill Court in Houses 9, 17 and 19.
I got on site in the second year because I was on the Court Committee as the Male Social Rep in my first year.
Other names I remember from the Court Committee are:
Paul ??: Chair
Maggie Brace: Female Social Rep
Bella Saunders Female Sports Rep
Serge ??: Male Sports Rep

First year - House 9
I shared a duplex with Andre Schafernaker In the opposite duplex was Frank Strange (see elsewhere on this site) and Tom Hitchings.
Downstairs were a number of musicians, one of which, I remember had a party trick to climb out the window on one side of the KUB over the roof and in the window on the other side.

This picture was used in the prospectus to show life in a duplex room. Andre is on the stairs, myself seated.
This picture was not used, probably because of the "pregnant" Virgin Records poster on the wall to the left!

Good use was made of the KUB as twice a week 5 or 6 of us on the Mech Eng course had a "communal cook in". It was usually a simple yet substantial stew or casserole with something like a treacle tart and custard to follow.
Our House keepers were friendly and tolerant of us. From the left, Rose and Margaret ??
House 17. In the room adjacent to mine was Alan Entwistle, the Union Arts Secretary. Also in the House was Paul, Chair of the Court Committee.

I remember: That the cookware stored on the shelf above the cooking rings always had a sticky, greasy feel due to some house-mates preference to stir frying wet vegetables with very hot oil.

For some reason yoghurt pots were collected in the KUB. These would get thrown about from time to time. On one occasion water filled yoghurt pots, lead to water filled sauce pans and a very wet carpet!

Image of Alan Entwistle taken from Union Handbook 1974

I have no particular memories of life in House 19. I must have been working too hard!

View out over Guildford from Room A, House 19
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