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This page of photographs were taken by
Nigel Mander
Biochem '70-'74

22AA20 in 1973. Scene of experimental studies for my final year dissertation. A number of words spring to mind for describing my attempt to graft a paramagnetic tracer onto D9-THC. Farcical is one of them. Nigel Mander Photo 1
Taken on the fire escape outside Wells 1, Battersea Court on Friday 21st June 1971. Back row from left, Bernie, Hilary, Ray, Anne, Yours Truly. Front row from left, Roger, Trevor, Alan, Keith. The photo was taken by Len Carne Nigel Mander Photo 6
Guildford Cathedral from Surrey Court, November 1970. Tillingbourne, Rich and the warden's garage make partial appearances. Judging by the number of people, I think it must have been Sunday morning. Nigel Mander Photo 3
My 1st year abode. Blackwater 2/14, taken November 1970. In ageing b&w, it looks more austere than it actually was. The tree outside is the same one as in the previous picture, next to the warden's house. Nigel Mander Photo 2
An ITV drama being filmed on location.
House 28, Third Court, summer 1974

Editors note:
I was to be found hanging around 3rd Court at the time, but remember none of this. Do you?
Anyway here's a few photo's of real students sunbathing!
Nigel Mander Photo 4
I think I can throw some light on the ITV production, mainly because during the time these photos were taken I was in my room in third court trying to study and overhearing a lot of the conversations by the crew and actors. I think the series was called “Public Eye” and starred Alfred Burke (lately of Harry Potter fame). One reason why it stuck in my mind was the crew and the actors seemed to spend most of their time discussing how much “spare skirt” there was around the campus – which was totally the opposite of my experience. Graham Patterson (Physics 74)
The action, when it eventually happened, principally involved a group of sunbathing 'students' cramming for their finals. Cinema Verité, obviously. Nigel Mander Photo 5
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