Playing the game 'Stoat' with 'People From Another Planet Studying Earth' Free Arts Fest 1975. Do you remember those large cobbles being put under the windows to stop people walking there? In high winds there would be an occasional loud crash followed by somebody observing that their room had got very draughty. Luckily there was never anyone below the window at the time.

28.6.75 foreground left is Nina, right is Harry Tatetam (query spelling) initials HLT who I believe did some of the cartoons in Bare Facts.

Forum Steps Free Arts Festival 1975

Free Arts Fest 1975 Morris Dancers. Martin Morely is the one on tiptoe in the middle.

HLT was/is Harry Tatham who graduated in Physics in 1976 and went on to gain a Phd.
He is a very talented artist and drew many covers for Bare Facts including one lampooning the picketing of the university restaurants by the "middle class socialist" dominated students union activists led by Andy Kypri.

Harry's picture presented a line of alsations, machine guns and tanks fronted by Andy with the caption "Please Don't Eat Here".
I always thought it rather brave of the Bare Facts people to go ahead with the publication as the lefties of the time could be quite confrontational. Unfortunately their only action was to steal all the copies from their places of distribution and very few got into the outside world.
(Brian Bashford. Chem '76)

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