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It's the same people, a few years older, if not wiser. Taken at various re-unions.

35th Anniversary of UoS charter
29th May 2002

September 1996. Reunion at University

1974 OFU Committee. Barry, Ned, Taff, Jane, Me (Colin), Smiler, Hil & jim (Photo by Jane Cohen)

Lost! Trying to remember our way around the campus and scaring the students.
(Photos by Bob Slater)

LostRoz, Colin & Hil

Home economics 1978
Home Economics 1978

Now in 1999
Home Economics 1978 reunion. August 1999
Sitting in roughly the same places

June 24th 2000 - REFreshers Fair

An evening out with the UggageThe evening before the REFreshers Fair, the infamous Uggage went out for a meal. Together with those that could only get there on the Sunday, those present from the 1973 lineup were :
Martin, Colin, Bob, Smiler, Hil, Frances, Jane, Cheryll, Christine & Roz.
Apologies for absence were accepted from those now living in Australia and Canada.

For those who were there - more photos.

Hotel and Catering 1973 Reunion
H&C 1973-88

Assuming that you might be interested in a group of old cooks and bottlewashers I attach a photo taken at the 25 year reunion in Sept 1998. This was held at The Compass Inn, Tormarton, Glos where Paul Monyard one of the graduates is the proprietor. 29 people from the course attended plus a further 13 of their partners.
The event attracted people from Australia, Malta, Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium as well as from all over the UK.

Best regards Charles Harrison

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