Frank Strange People Photo 5
It's me in the boat and Tom Hitchings and Pete Harris (pulling boat) on the bank.

Frank Strange People Photo 4
Taken in Dumfries and Galoway after my finals on holiday
with Peter (Anglican Chaplain) and Liz Fisher, their children
and various other members of ChiRho

Frank Strange People Photo 1
Freda Scott (LRS 72-76)

Frank Strange People Photo 2
Karen Jones (? 73 to 77) and Robert Pippard (Civ. Eng 72 to 76)
in the KUB in House 9 Stag Hill Court (Third Court)

Linguists in Sweden
Linguists in Sweden
Jane Handley and friends on the 'Industrial experience' I cannot remember all the other names.
(Second from left is Kate Pilgrim. Ben Fenner)
Frank Strange People Photo 3
Jane on her 'industrial experience' in Stockholm.

Frank Strange People Photo  6
Tom Hitchings and Girlfriend Lallagie Wardlaw (now his wife)

Frank Strange People Photo 7
Me and ? while carol singing for charity in Guildford High Street Christmas 76.

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