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Folk Club

Mr CarrotNo idea
Keith SpilletThe photos above were taken when the BBC filmed a folk type thingy (never broadcast) in the Students Union. Yes, that is Jasper Carrot and the bloke on bass is "Brillo", if anybody can name the others, or spot faces in the crowd, please let me know.
"A face in the crowd" has identified the bearded singer (top right) as Noel Murphy.
If you were there, maybe you're in this mob.

"I believe the other chap with Jasper Carrot and "Brillo" might well be Derek Brimstone, a talented and very amusing cockney folk singer very active in the late 60's and early seventies. "Christopher Wright

The B/W photo features the Keith Spillett Folk Ensemble. This was taken in the Surrey Court lounge. Again can you name the others?

Well Keith has emailed me and now the truth can be told about:
Purple Banana


It wasn't actually the Folk Club that got me involved in the wild world of folk music.
Pointing leftIt was her fault (please somebody tell me her name before she reads this. I think it's Mary. I've put her on the Who Is? page.). She was always on about it and eventually I went to some gigs. Which got me interested and twenty years later I run my own folk music evil empire, which has it's own vast web site.

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