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This page of photographs were taken by
Graham Dupree
L&RS '72-'78

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The name is Graham Dupree. I studied L&RS - German/Swedish/Law - starting in 1972 and after a rather chequered career, finally graduated in 1978. These are a few photgraphs of my fellow students from the class of '76.
Graham Dupree photo 1 Me - on my very first day at UoS - see the greenery in the background - later to become the remarkably compact Fifth Court! I was lucky enough to be amongst the first into 4th Court (the names were so much more descriptive in those days - and clearly showed a pecking order - the higher the number, the more students per square foot!) Does the grandad vest and the loons count as a fashion statement? Sorry about my dad's thumb!
Graham Dupree photo 2 Visiting friends in Third Court - clockwise from bottom left - Ann Bennett (famed for sewing skills and general niceness), me in my GUS (Guildford Union of Students) tee-shirt, Margaret Ross (famed for Drama Soc starring roles and general niceness) and Bob Kirschstein (not L&RS - but famed for guitar skills and general niceness). The lion is St Pancras, by the way. Don't know why!
Graham Dupree photo 3 House 15 Third Court - a duplex that I shared with Steve Gray. Half of Ann on the right and Sue Mattock working hard whilst I (typically!) looked on.
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon poster - does anyone remember seeing it? The cast had a good time! If you did, say hello to Alan Brownbill the director, on Friends Reunited 1978. Admission 20p? What incredible value!!
Graham Dupree photo 4 Did you ever wonder where all those L&RS types disappeared to in the summer term? Well we all trekked off to strange exotic places to hone our language skills, even giving up our summer hols to do so. This jolly gathering was in Stockholm in the Summer of 1974 - the happy crowd are, from left to right Val Greenfield, Chris Baylis (on the floor) Penny Cull, Sue Wilkes, Margaret Ross and Dennis Aylett (see Friends Reunited 1976)
Graham Dupree photo 5 Remember the Ling Soc Fancy Dress Balls - one of the social occasions of the year (and I'm not just saying that by virtue of being Ling Soc President in 1978 (or was it 1977?) This is Bob again - Feb 1975.....
The missing photo ......and afew others - Dion Barker, the back of Ann, Valerie Greenfield and another
Graham Dupree photo 6 I don't know how Freda Scott got into so many of your pix - but here is one of her in the shower. We were in Darmstadt for a year in 1975/76. Most people just sing in the shower - trust Freda to dare to be different!
(Freda seems to keep cropping up in lots of peoples photos. Here are some more)
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