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This page of photographs were taken by
Graham Dupree
L&RS '72-'78

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Dupree page 3 photo 1 ?, Helen Jones, Dawn Macey and Nic Gibbon lined up on Rawson 4 - not sure what Dawn Helen and Nic are looking at, but Frank is not interested 5
Dupree page 3 photo 2 Sarah Milo Turner (H&C 1978) demonstrating some H&C skills
Dupree page 3 photo 3 Nic Gibbon and Helen Jones deep in conversation
Dupree page 3 photo 4 Suzy Nau and Nic Gibbon - with an unknown German student centre - giving some idea of the small scale of Fifth Court
Dupree page 3 photo 1 Dawn Macey - ready for a birthday party on Rawson 4
Dupree page 3 photo 6 Students at work? No, the planning stage of another party on Rawson 4
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