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This page of photographs were taken by
Graham Dupree
L&RS '72-'78

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A little bit of history for you... There was fairly strict segregation of the sexes in the on-site accommodation - with all-male or all female houses or floors. I always found this uncivilised - particularly when investigating the back of the fridge shared with 20 others in Fourth Court (as we used to call it).

Rawson 4 broke this mold, but for no reason I can particularly remember. There were originally married students flats on this floor - but when there was no call for this accommodation the other undesirables were allowed to take over - LIS students.
In 1976/7 the flats each comprising 6 study bedrooms, two bathrooms and a KUB were made available to single-sex groups - but on the same floor. And the final barrier came down in 1977/8 when me, Nic Gibbon and Alastair MacDougal shared a flat with Helen Jones, Dawn Macey and Sarah Milo-Turner (H&C).

Of course numbers swelled from time to time with various boyfriends and girlfriends - but it was all remarkably civilised! I'm not sure how Sarah ended up in this LIS enclave but she was very welcome!
No. 1 I provided the music. I was obviously proud of my 30w RMS Dolby, and very long speaker leads so that music could move into the KUB if required.
No. 2 shows from left to right Nic (TV) Alastair (diet and fitness) Sarah (advanced cookery skills) and Helen (general good egg). One of Dawn's best points was that she laughed at my jokes - that and sharing my birthday (or did I share hers?) Just occasionally the dining extended to high cuisine - homemade pate (courtesy of Sarah's boyfriend) fresh trout (courtesy of Dawn's boyfriend) lots of wine and good fun provided by the rest of us!
No. 3 - Dawn, me Helen and Nic. Good friends and happy days!
No. 4 - Rather a stark image - but it may bring back memories for some people - the kitchen units in a Rawson KUB! Can't imagine why I took this photograph! And just to prove that LIS students never stood still for long,
No. 5 is me and Helen and a few other "foreign" students sipping beers in Berlin summer '77 (Dawn must have taken the photo). A week in Berlin for £7 was a deal that we just could not resist - despite the fact that I ended up in a three bedded room sharing a double bed (luckily of generous proportions) with a hairy Israeli - male that is!)
And No. 6 is Dawn and Helen on location in sunny Germany (and looking rather trendy too if I may say so!)
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