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Baby Belling
A few ODD photos

Cheryll with Baby Belling

This photo is here because it features that wonder of catering equipment, the Baby Belling. This was the standard appliance for KUB's. It was a truly amazing device, capable of cooking Sunday lunch for 14.
Also featured in the photo, are the wide range of fine wines with which Cheryll is making a punch for her 21st birthday party.Invite to Cherylls party (Photographs of this party are unfortunately not available due to a 30 year moratorium)

Girl Power badge

Girl Power!
Just to prove that there's nothing new and just in case the Spice Girls Int. Corp. ever think of registering "Girl Power" as theirs.
Here's a badge, as owned by Jane in 1973.

The Hand-Maidens of The Obelisk
Freda, Roz, Hil and Melanie (Notice their famous left handed salute)
Hil aeting a cheese cakeThe celebrated HAL9000 obelisk. The magic properties of which could be invoked by throwing it out of Blackwater 3 KUB window. There was lively debate as to when this should be done, but it was generally an alcohol related crime. (Or in the case of Hil, if she had been at the cheese-cake)

Midnight Cluedo

Whos' hand is that?

What's this photo about?
Well it's a game of Cluedo, very late at night, Battesea Court (Janes room (far left)), Dec 1974.

It just reminded me of a few things, like:
That very cheap coffee with figs in it.
Al Stewart "Orange" or Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left"
Art-Nouveau posters
Digestive cream biscuits

Sue Wadsworth

Sue Wadsworth
Two Sue's It's the Bunny!

I've no idea what course Sue did. Mostly it seemed to be dressmaking. She was responsible for a large number of the frocks featured on these pages.
The other girl in the photo is also called Sue and shared a 3rd Court duplex, with Sue. She was referred to as "Sue Too" (and sometimes incorrectly as "Sue Two")
(I've been told that Sue Wadsworth did Nutrition '77, and now does horticulture. Sue Too, was Susan Mottram, H&C '77)
Some more photos, of the two Sues.


And What Exactly are they up to............

Three ne'er-do-wells in the Students Union 'Ladies', up to no good.
That would be Robert Slater, Lawrence Jaques & Cheryll Howells.

Delyth (Edwards?)

Lovely girl; just don't touch her sprouts.


Where is this?

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