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Purple Banana
with notes from Keith Spillett

Purple Banana

"The picture was taken in Thames House at the Surrey Court Christmas party (though I can't remember which year (1971)), but what I can remember is that it marked the world debut of 'Purple Banana' - what a seventies type name!!....

Ugly looking audience


.... The other two people in the pic are Naomi (I can't remember her surname) who sang, and ......

Naomi....Naomi Gillingham. I was the other girl Carolynne on extra vocals. Naomi did Human Bio i think and went on to become a nurse, then studied medicine and is now a GP in Bristol. She and I spent more time in the Mus Dept than in our own departments I think. Carolynne Denwood LRS 1976

On yer bike

......Gerrard Fryckman (Physics 1973), who played Violin/Mandolin/Guitar. He could also whistle two tunes simultaneously - what a wasted talent! The lineup that night consisted of the three in the picture plus.......

Purple banana photoI have no idea who she is!

..... Julian Briscoe (Music Tonmeister 1975) on string bass, .........

Fenella, Julian, Friendly girl* & I
(*Glynis (I remember now))

Jaques cooking pancakes in the darkroom

.......Lawrence Jaques (Elec Eng 1975) on percussion, and another girl called Carolynne on extra vocals......

Keiths Disco

....The two girls were only with us for that single gig, so the pic is somewhat historic. The four men went on to perform at loads of gigs in the Guildford area, usually for the odd pint or two, but folded when Gerrard graduated in 1973."

Sennheiser headphones

Keith Spillett

Photo to prove to people that lightweight headphones existed in 1974.

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It's her again. She was there in December 1971 and is somewhere else in these pages.Margeret Starling again

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