Sports Colours - 1973

Sports Colours

Fifty-one University of Surrey students were awarded sports colours or half-colours this year. Presentations were made on Friday last week by Capt. A. E. Johnston, the academic registrar, making his last presentation as warden of colours for the university.

He said the year had seen an upsurge in the minor sports at the university and the women’s netball team had done particularly well, reaching the quarter-finals of the W.I.V.A.B championships.
And two rowers Tim Crooks and Pat Delafield got in to the double sculls final at the Munich Olympics.

Capt. Johnston also mentioned the fencing and badminton clubs, which reached the semi-finals of their events at the University Athletics Union Championships. John Gostelow did well in the U.A.A. athletics, coming second in the 100m he said.
The university’s sports secretary for 1972-73 Sue Hartley, thanked Capt. Johnston for all his hard work during his time as warden of colours.

After the presentations Mr. Brian Naysmith, the university sports director mentioned other colours winners who did well in their sports.
He said S. Burrows played in the water-polo team, which reached the semi-final of the U.A.U. championships and J. Penniket got to the British Universities Sport final of the badminton doubles of Federation championship.
He described the basketball team as fanatics, playing 60 or more games a year.
Three cricketers had a very good season, he said. R. Tidyman took 10 wickets and scored 53 runs in one match. The other two were Nick Horswell and Dave Drummond.
Peggy Donavon did very well in the hockey team. P. Morgan and D.Bird were outstanding in their fencing and Carolyn Denwood and Julia Mubi in netball.
Men full colours winners received colours ties and the only woman full colours winner a brooch with the university badge on it.

Sports colours articlesWaterpolo Half Colours: G. Hawthorn; S. Burrows; D.Warwick
Badminton Full Colours: J.Penniket; S. Aljunid Half Colours: C. Newton; C. Soh; L. Chan; Miss A. Fryer.
Basketball Full Colours: M, Da Silva; A. Loanides; D. MacKey; Half Colours: B. Jones; R. Smith.
Chess Full Colours: B. Cheal; Half Colours: K. Osborne: J. Dolan.
Ladies Hockey Half Colours: Miss P. Donovan; Miss L. Cummings; Miss J. Hardacre; Miss S. Martin.
Cross Country Half Colours: G. Foster; S. Baker; J. Vitoria,
Rugby Union Half Colours: M. Drain; P. Stone; H. Robinson.
Rifle Shooting Full Colours: C. Holt; N. Granger.
Association Football Half Colours: J. Sandle
Sailing Half Colours: J. Sherwin; A. McLeish J. Williams.
Golf Half Colours: B, Claridge; D. Rogers; G. Moe.
Cricket Full Colours: C. Rickard; N. Horswell; R. Tidyman. Half Colours: L. Smith; D. Arnold; W. Gibbs.
Athletics Full Colours: J. Gostelaw. Half Colours: R. Davies,
Rowing Full Colours: T. Crooks.
Fencing Half Colours: P. Morgan; A, Kacperek; D. Bird.
Netball Full Colours: Miss C. Denwood. Half Colours: Miss J. Thirtie: Miss J. Mubi.

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