35th Anniversary of the Universities Charter
29th May 2002
Play Pen I couldn't get to the University in time for the concert in the Cathedral. By all reports this was shame, because everybody was full of praise for it.

Meanwhile in the High Street, a playpen was being constructed, to hold back the plain folk of Guildford and contain every living member of the academic staff, going back to the 1960's and various other big wigs (literally).

It was surprisingly easy to recognise some members of staff, that I'd last seen 27 years ago.
Having assembled a large crowd of people, in various forms of fancy dress, the statue of 'The Surrey Graduate' was unveiled by the Duke of Kent.

On the one hand, it is dramatic and will no doubt draw visitors attention to the fact that there is a university in Guildford. Something that is easily overlooked.

On the other, he doesn't look anything like any Surrey graduate, that I've seen. He's wearing a tie!
Though maybe a statue of a nerd, with a pocket full of pens and screwdrivers, wouldn't really work.
The Surrey Graduate
 Bun fight Rather a good lunch, in the magnificent surroundings of the Great Hall. Full of lots of people that I should recognise.

I sat with Barry Stone and discussed some of the stories that will never make it on to this web site. If you see him, ask him about 'urban potholing'.
badgeI only discovered after the event, that the little coloured dots on your pass, bestowed certain privileges on the holder. For example mine had green and blue dots.
Apparently this entitled me to a hug from Penelope Keith and a kiss from the Vice-Chancellor.
Penelope Kieth
What a top bloke Patrick Dowling is. He mentioned this web site at least three times in his speech. This included a reference to the 'urban myth' that Senate House was built the wrong way around, but he didn't say if it was true.

Overall the whole event was rather enjoyable and much less formal than expected.


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