Neil McGrath (MSc Biomechanics '80)

Doona?Most of my pictures are unremarkable (boring?). The first two are changes that occurred whilst I was at Surrey (1979-80). "Doona" was probably the first change. I don't know if this was an annual change in bedding or if there was a systematic changeover from blankets to continental quilts. When I first moved into Wells 2/6 we had what from memory were multi layered woven bedspreads covering blankets which may have been cotton (I can't remember). Later these were replaced with the continental quilts with covers such as the one displayed. Assuming that was for the coldest time that would have been the beginning of Term 2.
mular on lecture blockThe new mural went up around the time the Tulips were in the garden bed. One of the things I noted with some surprise was that for a place built on the cheap (walkways over buildings that looked like factory walk ways - mild steel decking with anti slip welding) the recurring expenses must have been high with that flower bed being completely replaced by the time of the Graduations in July (see one of the later photographs). I am told that this is quite normal practice, but to me seemed a little inconsistent at the time.
Graduation 2These two are from the Graduations on 11 July 1980. My recollection is that Chris was Chris Cotton who graduated in Civil Engineering. Catherine and Laurence were Catherine Tyndall and Laurence Young. Catherine graduated in Home Economics and Laurence in Hotel and Catering. Laurence was Chair of the Student Union (or some thing like that) there were still weekly general meetings at the time. I have not been in touch with any of these people since then. Graduation 1
Swaraj. ADM3 terminalHere is the last of this batch. This is a posed photograph of Swaraj Jayasingh (D. S. Jayasingh) . Swaraj graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1980. He is posing at using a terminal off what, from memory, was a Prime computer. The terminal was in a terminal room belonging to the Mechanical Engineering Department. I include this as an example of the facilities of the time. I have been in touch with Swaraj off and on, but mislaid his address when he moved a few years ago and have not got his new one yet.

Is that an ADM3 terminal? - Colin

Graduation 3

On the right is Andy Flint who was the President, next to him is Lindsey Barker the Vice President. As I recall it Andy had graduated in Hotel & Catering Management  (taken in 1980) and Lindsey in Civil Engineering.

The Biomechanics class of 1979-80 were:
Biomechanics MSc 79-80
Back row: Yves Constantan, Ian Harris, Glen Howard, Ashley Oliver and Neil McGrath.
Front row: Adrian Clark, Margaret Scholey, Fiona Turner and Paul Standing.

An here is our sign of the times

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