Pete Boddy(Linguistics '72)
Linguistics Fancy Dress Ball
held in the Falcon Road annex of UOS in Battersea in December 1969

Liguistics Fancy Dress 1969 - Photo 1 L to R:
Kim Ambler
Pete Boddy
Clive Buxton
Liguistics Fancy Dress 1969 - Photo 2 L to R:
Kim Ambler
Pete Boddy
Trev Richards
Liguistics Fancy Dress 1969 - Photo 3 L to R
Pete Boddy
Al Pearce
Dean Clarke
Jo Jacques
Phil Wills

During the event, a conga broke out which was studiously observed by Gerald Fleming - that is, until the line was abruptly halted by Mel Ingham who physically inserted G. Fleming and sent the conga on its way.
This was in the evening of the day Mel and I went to the launderette off Prince of Wales Drive (?), headed for the pub across the road and sank 15 pints of Guinness each. Happy days!

PS Might get round to scanning a few pages of S.N.O.T. (got a full set of issues stored in a cupboard).

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