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  Welcome to UoS-Snaps
This site started out as just a few images, on a floppy disk, that I sent out to my friends from the days at the University of Surrey (UK). From there it's grown a bit and continues to expand, as people stumble across it.

Now it rambles over hundreds of badly indexed pages, with contributions from dozens of people, covering just about every aspect of university life. If you went to the University in the 1970's, you might well be in here somewhere. If you didn't, you might still be interested in seeing what it was like, or just laugh at the 70's fashions.

Remember that this is a whole generation ago, when the campus was much smaller. There were only about 2500 students, ten payphones, three bars, 52 fondue sets and five TV's. Actually it's long enough ago, for the people featured to now be the parents of current students.

The girl on the sign, is Cheryl. If you click on the photo, you can find out more. Or click on one of the above links and wade in.

Colin Edwards (Elec. Eng. 75)


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This site features photographs taken at the University of Surrey in the 1970's
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